Day One of Code Enforcment

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Day One of Code Enforcment

Sector Cache
Day 0001 of Code Enforcement Interdiction

Diary Entry 99435f-dg

After several non compliant interdiction I came across a lowly Venture mining in a high sec belt.

The following interactions happened.

[01:39:29] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Sobaseki
[01:41:16] Sector Cache  Milly Saran and Pesik  as a duly anointed agent of James 315 I find you guilty of mining without a permit which violates the Halaima Code of Conduct
[01:41:37] Sector Cache > Please deposit 10 million isk into my account for this violation. If not paid immediately you will be listed as non-compliant and will suffer all the duly noted penalties of non-compliance.
[01:43:40] Sector Cache  Woten Do not interfere with a duly sanctioned actions of an agent of James 315
[01:46:51] Sector Cache  Jeszzica Gonnd  Do not interfere with a duly sanctioned actions of an agent of James 315
[01:47:24] Jeszzica Gonnd  Sector Cache lol stop drinking so much of your own coolaid i'm just trying to whore

Then I bumped him [Pisek] a tiny bit with my catalyst, a tiny bit because, no prop on this here ship.

I then sent the following Eve Mail:

CODE Interaction ir49042626-2346
From: Sector Cache
Sent: 2016.06.23 01:42
To: Pesik,


Thank you for your interaction with our Code Agent __ Sector Cache __ .

Your failure to comply with THE NEW Halaima Code of Conduct has been duly noted.

We are not without mercy so we have issued a temporary injunction against further action for 1 hour from the delivery date and time of this Eve mail.

You have 60 minutes to submit form 9868787scc45i sections /c, /b2sr, and /r15, in triplicate or in place of said forms, to complete the transfer of 10 million isk to the financial account of Code Agent __ Sector Cache __.

Failure to comply with our act of mercy will result in your name __ Pesik __ being placed on our “Bump and Terminate On Site” list.

Have a Cheerfully Happy and Compliant Day - May James 315 be praised!

ir-094024 .h984989y

Duly Anointed and Authorized
Code Agent: __Sector Cache__

I then sent him a Private Convo request that was ignored.

after several minutes of waiting I realized there was still no indication that Pesik was at his keyboard so I escalated the enforcement of AFK Mining compliance.

Once enforcement was doled out, I posted in local:

[02:07:23] Sector Cache  As a warning of non-compliance please refer to evidence file no. 947296204943 Kill: Pesik (Venture) .  AFK Mining without a Permit is an actionable offense.  Praise be to James 315

...and then I sent him an Eve Mail:

Incident no. ir 982649624-493639
From: Sector Cache
Sent: 2016.06.23 02:08
To: Pesik,  


You were found in violation of the  Halaima Code of Conduct and were witnessed in a belt of  Sobaseki  AFK Mining and without a Mining Permit.

You vessel was offered as a burnt offering to atone for your sins to James 315 as you were not present.

If you feel this has been in error and do posses a Mining Permit and can show that you were indeed not AFK Mining please submit forms 987i, 8739823b and in triplicate forms dg5672 and y7549294ir.

You also have 10 million isk penalty dues in 100,000 installments every 7 days if you are not able to pay the penalty in full.

Have a cheerful and Happy Day. Praise be to  James 315

Your Duly Anointed Compliance Agent of  James 315 and The Code

Sector Cache

Please find the attached evidence file no. 947296204943

Kill: Pesik (Venture)

All Eve mails and several times in Local I linked the Code websites to no avail.

.... and then finally after 34 minutes of attempting interaction with Pisek... I received a Private Convo:

[02:15:43] Sector Cache > o/ I hope your interaction with Code enforcment has been a pleasant one.  Would you like to give us any input on your experience?
[02:16:13] Pesik > я не собираюсь это переводить

Translates to "I'm not going to translate it"

[02:16:24] Sector Cache > Please find the appropriate filed Eve Mails in your inbox related to today's incident.
[02:16:31] Pesik > учи русский скоро пригодиться)

Which translates to "teach Russian will soon come in handy"

[02:17:17] Sector Cache > Have a Happy and Cheerful day
[02:17:57] Pesik > я тебе все сказал

which translates to: "I told you all"

As can be seen I specifically noted the Russian Language section of our Code Enforcement documentation, which had also prominently shown with Russian Link to the Code on the links he had received during his AFK.

AFK is no defense of the Code and Code enforcement, nor is language, as he was not at his keyboard to notify Code of needing any special notice nor notifications.

Feeling Like I had done a good deed, removing an unattended venture from said asteroid belt... I was surprised to receive a private convo from an unknown agent... to which I replied:

[02:19:49] Danny Akiga > Hello. And thank you for this chance to talk to you.
[02:20:36] Sector Cache > o/ How can this Code Compliance Agent be of assistance?
[02:20:50] Danny Akiga > Why do you support CODE?
[02:21:21] Danny Akiga > And this 'Law of Highsec'
[02:22:29] Sector Cache > The New Halaima Code of Conduct is the product of a truly democratic process. It was written by the entire community. As Supreme Protector of Halaima and Saviour of Highsec
[02:22:45] Sector Cache > James 315
[02:22:49] Sector Cache > Hallowed be his name
[02:23:18] Danny Akiga > Sorry, you misunderstand. Why do YOU support this? Personally?
[02:23:27] Danny Akiga > not the mission statement
[02:23:36] Sector Cache > Why Paying the Mining Fee Benefits Miners
[02:23:51] Sector Cache > Because it benefits the game
[02:23:56] Danny Akiga > How?
[02:24:34] Sector Cache > <url=></url>
[02:24:55] Danny Akiga > How does a new player, just starting make the 10mil?
[02:26:16] Sector Cache > He can make installment weekly as was duly offered to him.  As he was AFK his Venture was offered up to James 315 as a Burnt offering and to serve as a deterrent to others.
[02:27:07] Danny Akiga > How do you prove someone was AFK?
[02:27:16] Danny Akiga > Do you ask them?
[02:27:29] Danny Akiga > Or just shot first?
[02:29:24] Sector Cache > He was bumped, notified in local, then he was Eve Mailed noting his violation... when no response was given enforcement was exercised... all in all there was a period of maybe 7-9 minutes of attempted interaction,
[02:29:57] Sector Cache > He was also link to the code which contained translations in English, French, German and Spanish
[02:30:16] Danny Akiga > Bumped? What does that mean?
[02:31:16] Sector Cache > I exercised a spacial maneuver that coincided with his ship thus moving his ship and creating a visual notification that his ship was not in it's intended place,
[02:32:24] Danny Akiga > So, what if he is not AFK?
[02:32:52] Danny Akiga > Does he still get blown up?
[02:34:02] Sector Cache > He demonstrated he was AFK.. [if] He had responded in local or by Eve Mail or by moving his ship in game he would be given between 60 minutes and 24 hours to come into compliance.  All that was needed to save his ship was a response of any kind
[02:34:14] Sector Cache > *If he had
[02:34:29] Danny Akiga > But if he was still mining, you would attack him?
[02:35:37] Sector Cache > only if he demonstrated that he was AFK.  AFK Mining is a punishable offense, compounding that there was no indication in his Biography that he had a Mining Permit either.
[02:36:10] Sector Cache > If he had responded I would have left his ship alone for 60 minutes to 24 hours
[02:37:02] Danny Akiga > Ok, so if one of you CODERS attack someone who is NOT AFK, what would happen to that person?
[02:37:15] Sector Cache > All these questions you have can be answered in the Code Almanac of James 315, hallowed be his name.  It can be found in HED-GP in the conservatory of Code notices.
[02:37:40] Danny Akiga > I want to hear from you
[02:37:52] Sector Cache > If he was not AFK he would be warned to get into compliance. It is every Agents discretion to exercise enforcement of the Code
[02:38:52] Sector Cache > If you have any other inquires, please fill out forms ity986863984 and dft7 in triplicate.  Have a Compliant and Happy Day



and so ends my First shift as a CEA (Code Enforcement Agent).

It has yet to yielded a profit, but I know these seeds sown will eventually begin to pay dividends when I get better at Issuing Mining Permits.  Until then I kneel at the Alter of James 315 gaining much information on becoming a successful Code Enforcement Agent.

~ Sector Cache

Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it; lack of knowledge of the Law only demonstrates a capsuleer who is actively out of touch with his community, an intolerable trait among responsible citizens.
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Re: Day One of Code Enforcment

Super Perforator
Good job!
Ask your local weapons trader for the Super Perforator.
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Re: Day One of Code Enforcment

Zazz Razzamatazz
In reply to this post by Sector Cache
Fantastic work agent!
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Re: Day One of Code Enforcment

In reply to this post by Sector Cache
May I congratulate you on a magnificent job!

Welcome to the fold, Agent!