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Donations Also Support The Code

Sector Cache
[05:49:44] Sector Cache > o/
[05:49:46] Viirilithizu Ward > Hi!
[05:49:57] Viirilithizu Ward > What's code. up to lately?
[05:51:56] Sector Cache > I am only a duly anointed Agent of James 315 (Line member).. Blog might tell you
[05:52:43] Viirilithizu Ward > So are catslysts actually needed? Ship of law enforcement choice?
[05:53:21] Viirilithizu Ward  Catalyst <--- [Ship Info]
[05:53:53] Sector Cache > The vessel is not as important as the Purveyor and enforcer of the code... The Agent is the Weapon of Enforcment the catalyst is only a tool
[05:55:10] Viirilithizu Ward > Is a catalyst a helpful tool? There seem to be some I could donate in Uedama.
[05:55:55] Sector Cache > The catalyst is by far the best DPS for the isk as far as tools go
[05:56:16] Viirilithizu Ward > Sweet! I'm not very familiar with gallente ships.
[05:58:16] Sector Cache  +++ Sector Cache's Tool [T2 Catalyst Fit] - This and Max skills gets you nearly 600 DPS and at a price of around  7.3 mil isk
[05:58:48] Viirilithizu Ward > Very nice!
[05:59:40] Viirilithizu Ward  Check your contracts. I don't Spacelane Patrol [Corporation Info]  have a handy hauler, but there's 20 catalysts for you at the Spacelane Patrol station here in system.
[06:00:09] Sector Cache > Your Donation to the Code isvery much accepted and thank you.  May I inquire as to the reason for your generous support?
[06:00:20] Viirilithizu Ward > I like code.!
[06:00:56] Viirilithizu Ward > You brave law enforcement officers make the game more interesting!
[06:01:14] Viirilithizu Ward > and bots dont!
[06:01:18] Sector Cache > Your Duly anointed enforcer of the code is Thankful .. We are here to Serve, Praise be to James315 Hallowed be his name
[06:04:07] Viirilithizu Ward > Keep up the great work!
[06:04:57] Sector Cache > thank you.

Viirilithizu Ward Donated 10mil isk and 20 Catalysts to this agent  [Sector Cache] for purposes of taking down boters.

James 315 be Praised, Hallowed be his name!

I am now off to Enforce the Code on some dirty AFK Miners!
Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it; lack of knowledge of the Law only demonstrates a capsuleer who is actively out of touch with his community, an intolerable trait among responsible citizens.