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Elite Dangerous Adventures

Zazz Razzamatazz
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[Edit- Some of the pictures are kind of borked for me so here's the album too http://imgur.com/a/9f6n7 ]

[Edit-edit- So doing correct picture sizes is hard I guess. Hit "back" and open this thread in a new window to see them better.]

So I've been playing Elilte: Dangerous off and on for a while now.

The PvE gets repetitive, and most fall victim to the dreaded grind mentality- just get to that bigger better ship (all so you can grind better to get the NEXT ship).

So I've broken into piracy with my humble Cobra.

I'm trying to shape up the haulers of Leesti and Lave into something approaching a Code compliant workforce. Of course I ask for cargo (the piracy part).

Some pay,

And some, well, need some time to learn-

Yes ED has whiteknights...

They lose just as often as the ones in Eve.  

I've had a few close calls

Landing with 5% hull was fun.

Even lost a few ships, but my Cobra is cheap to replace and I can be back in the fight in minutes.

The credits you get from cargo are equivalent to the Isk from a permit, a trivial amount. The true pay is in the warm feeling of making space a better place to be for all. And the opportunity to blow dudes up.

I have gotten surprisingly few tears in ED. I wondered if this was the result of the, er, difficult player-to-player comms in the game, or perhaps ED players were made of heartier stuff then those in Eve.

Today I found out. (spoiler alert, I think it's the former)

It started innocently enough, interdicting a CMDR by the name of Chris Hammer (no relation to M.C. I presume).

After my FSD interdictor yanked him out of supercruise I demanded he stop while I performed a cargo scan.  He tried to flee but my scan completed anyway, telling me he had about 25 tons of rare goods.  I requested 10, a fair number I thought.

He told me to "piss off" and jumped back into supercruise.

I don't know why haulers think they can avoid a pirate by simply jumping back into SC and going right back on their path back to station, but they most always do.

I interdicted him again and this time demanded all his cargo.

He charged his FSD again to flee, so I gave him a quick ride back to his station to think about his rebellious attitude.

Pretty routine encounter for a non-compliant hauler. I simply went back to hunting and was surprised to see a friend request from CMDR Hammer in my inbox.

I was connected to Malcolm Shinhwa via comms at the time, and told him I thought Hammer merely wanted to know when I was online. He suggested that Hammer was interested in congratulating me in my glorious PvP victory (something I hadn't thought of).

So I graciously accepted CMDR Hammer's offer of friendship.

I at once noticed that he had fled from open play to the safety of solo mode.

I was quickly informed that I was the reason why people will never play online again. I didn't know I had been making such a big impact on the game.

Despite flying a Type-6 hauler and a familiarity with the game's communication system, CMDR Hammer was still learning, a fresh faced newbie.

I tried reasoning with the angry hauler to no avail as he started ticking off miner bingo squares.

Ooo, I'm counting that one for the "honor" square!

I grew concirned that he had broken the cardinal rule in this game or Eve, "don't fly what you can't afford to lose."  And I'm pretty sure he identifies as an NPC at the end, whatever it is it looks bot-aspirant to me.

It's no good, even the glories of PvP won't persuade him- he will consign himself to solo mode forever.

Here CMDR Hammer provides us with his insight as to why open mode was included in the game- It's to populate the game with non-NPCs, who then ruin it by not acting like NPCs.

I try reason again, if the devs include pirate logos for you to stick on your ship (along with cargo hatch breakers, FSD interdictors and cargo scanners) then surely piracy is a legitimate play style.

I also pointed out that I didn't simply interdict him and blap him, I offered to let him drop some cargo to save his ship, twice.

Ding ding ding! That's right, bullying!

"You're welcome to PvP as long as you don't shoot at other people"

Awww, CMDR Hammer, I'm gonna miss you!  

Have fun playing Elite: SoloMode I guess.

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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

This is great! Please keep it up and post more!

So hilarious that Elite gives them the option to play alone, yet they opt for multiplayer and still cry about the mean ol' space bullies! :D Never ceased to amaze...
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie
In reply to this post by Zazz Razzamatazz
Any chance I could get a guide on how to do this?  I think I was in either a cobra or an eagle.  Forgot which.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Zazz Razzamatazz
This post was updated on .
I am CMDR Zazz Razzamatazz in game, look me up and we can wing up anytime (if I'm not at work).

@ZazzRazzamatazz is my twitter handle, if you wanna ping me to play.

This is the fit I'm using- http://www.edshipyard.com/#/L=702,7u57u57sh7sh0Wg3Qw,326Q6Q6Q4s4s4s6k,15O07215O12G5Bk9qI

I use a silent running "stealth" fit. When I'm in silent running, they can't target me (and use gimbaled or turreted weapons. The best they can do is try to manual target me, and I make for a small target.

No shields, just armor. I use silent running when I'm getting shot at and will turn it off for a few seconds when my heat builds up, preferably when the target doesn't have their guns on me. I use the heat sinks in emergencies when I can't do that. Note- there is a 1-2 second delay from when you hit silent running to where you disappear from their sensors, also if you are closer than 1k you can be targeted.

The great Isinona has been playing around with SR play- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZfE4XGPQO8  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLXzEQyacMw will give you an idea of what that is like.

The Cobra doesn't handle heat as well as a Diamondback Scout (DBS) but it can carry more cargo, has more armor, and most importantly, is much faster.

For the unaware, ED doesn't have any tackle modules.  The only way to prevent someone from escaping is by having a larger ship than them, preventing them from warping while close to your mass. And since most larger ships are slower, this is problematic.

Most of my targets get away from me and jump off the first time. By the time I've copy-pasted my spiel into local and gotten ready to fire, they're usually running and gaining distance.  The first interdiction is the warning so to speak. When they jump I follow and interdict them a second, and sometimes third time before I can kill them.  And sometimes even then they get away.

It is trivially easy to escape a pirate, if you know what you're doing. Thankfully most don't.  

I'm happy to educate you guys on the anti-pirate methods (so you can be aware of them) but think I'll not post that publicly ;)

Now some larger ships I just can't take down solo, a python or well fit FDL will have too much tank for me to take on.  But my little Cobra's rebuy is small, I can make it back through a handful of smuggling missions.

So my method looks like this:

Jump into Leesti (I rearm and repair in another system I'm not wanted in)
Move away from the star a few hundred Ls so it doesn't slow me down
Make sure network bandwidth meter is on "ctrl + B"
Wait for someone to jump in
Wait some more
Really?? Maybe I'll jump to Lave and see if there's anyone in there
Oh, nevermind my bandwidth is spiking
Target jumps in, crosshairs on it to get name and info, look at what they've got fit to see if I want to attack
Copy paste drop cargo warning "Stop and submit to cargo scan!"
Shake head sadly when they ignore
Pepper their shields a bit to show them I mean business
They jump, I follow
Interdiction part deux
Quick local again, short "drop 10 NOW" ect
Take out their shields
Now if they stop and drop, I'll let them live, otherwise
Jump to home system to rearm and repair

Fun things I've found about this tactic:

People see a shield-less Cobra and don't tend to see me as much of a threat (the most bot-aspirant of haulers will fit extra cargo instead of shields in any game universe)

People underestimate just how much armor my ship has, fights often turn into ramming matches and more than one CMDR has thought they'd get an easy kill ramming my shield-less Cobra- only to find me boosting into the ram as well and taking out their shields instead.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Sorry for derailing your thread; i also play Elite Dangerous and i found this:


Apparently this guy and his small team defeat the CODE in EVE. Funny thing is the CODE doesn't know that.
Anyway, my name in game is Kazacy, time is GMT + 2, and these days i will try to find the guy near Anlave.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Zazz Razzamatazz

Shocking news!  

It seems the good CMDR Hammer decided to give open play a try again after all.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Zazz Razzamatazz
Episode 2- Rebel Rumblings


A Vigilant agent of the Code informed me of a massive rebel plot in the works in Elite Dangerous.

A CMDR Chip Patton created a post in the “recruitment” area of the ED forums, a place I rarely frequent.  

In this post Patton made some shocking announcements- he and his corp struck the “knock out punch” against the New Order. This was of course a surprise to me, mostly due to the continued blog posts and the billions of Isk I see destroyed by Code. on the killboards every month.

In Patton's mind, 90% of of the New Order was banned last year, due to “links” and the “harboring of Exotica”.  While this was happening he and his corp was also “luring and defeating CODE in a war with nearly 8 null sec corps, 22 low sec corps, and 170 high sec corps”.  

Well CMDR Patton was trying to parlay his decisive victory over the New Order into a recruitment drive in ED- and a new war with the in-game CODE piracy organization.

Naturally I was very interested in his efforts.  

I sent him an in-game friend request and I immediately hatched complicated plans (invite him to wing, blow him up) but hit a road block.

CMDR Patton seemed to only play in “private group” mode.  In ED there are three play modes; Solo-alone and by yourself, Open- with everyone, and Private Group- which is the same as solo, only you can have your friends in with you.  Several “private group” PvE only groups have formed, kicking anyone who fails to adhere to the rules of the group.

How Patton hoped to defeat CODE while playing in a game mode separate from them was unknown to me. Sadly, Patton wasn't online often, so I turned to my piracy while I waited for him.

Some haulers are smart-

And some are not-

The fates of those without cargo depend on my mood. Sometimes I'll blow them up for wasting my time. Other times I'll respond with “how do you even make a living” something the NPC pirates say.

In addition to piracy I also started dabbling into the art of honorable PvP.

I interdicted CMDR Zenshin Buredo jumping into Leesti,

and strangely he thought a return trip to Leesti would be safe-

So I declared honorable PvP on him again.

I found a CMDR Karantza flying a Cobra and pulled him over.

I missed part of our convo, but I asked him for some cargo, explaining I couldn't even afford a shield!

We fought and he decided to ram me, thinking my shieldless Cobra would be an easy kill.

Instead it brought his hull down to 6%.

Finally I logged in one day and was surprized to find a message from the rebel CMDR Chip Patton-

promptly followed by Patton defriending me!

I sent him another friend request- you can't direct message another player unless they are “on grid” with you or your friend.

So while the trail runs cold, I shall keep an eye out for CMDR Patton should he emerge from private group mode.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Capt Starfox
In reply to this post by Zazz Razzamatazz
That's awesome Zazz! Makes me want to try ED again!
Psychotic Monk for CSM 8
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

In reply to this post by Zazz Razzamatazz
Hey, tell me where you are, i wanna see if i can kill you in a sidewinder!
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Zazz Razzamatazz
In reply to this post by Zazz Razzamatazz
-Episode 3-


I think we can all agree that spaceship violence in Eve is a good thing. After all, the costs are trivial- what's a few Isk among immortal clone gods?

The situation in Elite: Dangerous is much different. The pilots in that universe aren't shielded by a legion of clone replacements.

The inner workings of the life pods that keep a CMDR alive are mostly a mystery. What is the real survival rate among destroyed CMDR ships? What isn't a mystery is that the galaxy cannot hope to support spaceship violence on this scale.

New Order agents are trained to act, not to passively watch (or mine) so I have decided to do something about it.

So I have founded the SPSV- The Society for the Prevention of Spaceship Violence.

(Side note- I'm really, really not in love with that name. Ess pee ess vee, it's a tongue twister even saying it in my mind)

Agents of the SPSV (name pending) are appointed with preventing spaceship violence in any form, using any means necessary.

How does one tell the good guys from the bad guys? James 315 (praise his name) has already shown us the way. The good guys GIVE. Whether it's 10 million Isk for a permit, or New Order stock purchases- the pilots looking out for the good of the galaxy always give to support the cause.

CMDR SINGULARITY79 was given a chance to make a real difference by supporting the SPSV.

Surely a CMDR able to afford a Federal Dropship can spare 10 tons for the cause.

My scanners ping- I'm being scanned for killwarrants! SINGULARITY intended to commit spaceship violence against me!  

First his shields broke,

Then his ship.  If he was against spaceship violence, he would have donated.

The idea of a truly peaceful galaxy is foreign to most pilots.

Some doubt we can be real.

Some are confused-

but see the good we're doing.

Some are obvious criminals-

Their ships are removed from space for the safety of the rest of us.

(I particularly like the way the explosion back-lights the debris field in that one)

Occasionally I run into a hauler who will claim to not have any cargo.

I am a trusting person, but CMDR Rekufu had guns fit. This combined with his refusal to donate to the SPSV made my choice clear.

That loud bang? That's the sound of the galaxy getting safer. You're welcome.

I had moved to the community goal in Kaushpoos, looking for more CMDRs who wanted to help support a safer galaxy.

The system was swarming with big ships.

Bounty hunters and pirates, all with spaceship violence in their hearts.  Those Pythons are awfully big and powerful compared to my humble Cobra, but I could pick and choose my er, prospects.

CMDR RamLock looked like the type who would support the cause.

He had weapons fit, but perhaps he could be swayed.

He instead elected to fire upon my ship. It was at this point I noticed a second target on scan. A hollow blip is another player, square if weapons are stowed, triangle if they are deployed.  

I didn't know what this new CMDR's intentions were, so I needed to make short work of the rebellious CMDR's Cobra.

I break his shields and get him into hull, but now I'm taking fire from the second ship.

Farewell CMDR RamLock, if you were against spaceship violence you would have donated.

Now to see who the interloper is...

CMDR Keelersot in a Python!  We start to battle, me wearing his shields down, him boosting them back up with shield cell banks.

So close... We continue the tug of war until-

His shields give way! He still vainly tries to get me in his sights while I pound away at his hull.

I get him down to 45% before he decides to flee,

jumping away to supercruise. He is unfortunately smart enough to know how to avoid me and slips away.  

I love the silent running Cobra, but I find myself wishing I had more firepower sometimes. I could have gotten that Python with a bit more DPS.

I also need to figure out a better way of screengrabbing other than leaning forward and hitting F10 on the keyboard every time. That nonsense is costing me prospects. Suggestions for a cheap ($ cheap and processing cheap) video capture would be appreciated too.

Also- give me suggestions for a better name than SPSV!

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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Salah ad-Din
In reply to this post by Zazz Razzamatazz
Try checking out Open Broadcaster Software. It's intended for streaming, but has a video capture function, too. It has decent customization and, better yet, it's free!
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

In reply to this post by Zazz Razzamatazz
sounds sad, the SPSV isn't something I could support.  I have too much violence in my heart.  But I don't play ED either so carry on.

Now if the SPSV comes to SC, well that's another matter.  Of course all the ships have guns, we're a really violent people.  

There is always room for more Dakka Dakka.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

Zazz Razzamatazz
If ED had player-to-player credit transfers, I would gladly sell mining permits.  There's even a precedent for them in-game, to get to Sol or other capitol systems you have to first earn a system permit.  

Sadly, the only way to transfer credits to another player is to eject cargo. Now, demanding cargo in exchange for a permit could work on haulers, but anyone in a combat ship (npc bounty hunting ect) wouldn't have any cargo to jet to pay for the permit.

It's possible they might add player trading in the future though.
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Re: Elite Dangerous Adventures

ED is still pretty new, even if as they've launched.  More than likely at some point they will add that to the game.  There's too many reasons that it should exist and not many that it shouldn't, from piracy, to the Code, to Bounty Hunting and just regular business transactions.