Former Bot Aspirant seeks Redemption

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Former Bot Aspirant seeks Redemption

Two-Eyed Eddie
So the blah blah of it is I am a multi-boxing mining piece of shit. I found out about you guys from some dude in local and initially had the same gut reaction any miner had, pretty much covering the entirety of Miner Bingo in one go:

"Fuck, this is harassment! I'm here mining because it's relaxing and this Kid is extorting miners? I'm making the ships he's flying!"

Then I quit, then I came back, then I quit, then I came back, then I quit, then I came back. Lets put it this way, I have been playing the game since 2012, I've shot a lot of rocks, sat for hours in stations inching buy orders up by pennies, manufacturing T1 and T2 modules and ships (Now this I truly enjoy, the logistics of it, call me odd but I got to say this is the one activity that keeps me coming back.... so far.)

At some point I turned from loathing you guys to appreciating you. It was around when I started selling products on the market and realized: "without Miners, you'd have no ships!" is a fallacy. It IS true that the minerals need be mined, but, I also came to understand another truth: "Without CODE, miners wouldn't need to keep buying new ships, without PVP, no one would ever need to replace their ships..." If high sec was really some mythical no-pokey zone, then it would fall entirely on the new player base to make the economy work, otherwise you'd buy your ship, fly off with your ship, and unless you were some colossal fuck-up, you'd never lose your ship to the random belt rats you occasionally have to swat while grinding rocks, and god knows the New Player base as it stands is not going to support a production operation!

ANYWAY, each and every time I come back I do all this stuff all over again until the point where I exhaust myself and go skittering off to something else for a year or so until eventually the game sucks me back in...

to do nothing.

So I am sort of at the point now where it makes less sense for me to mine my own materials as opposed to buying it from good old honest null/low sec suppliers, I have a little mining fleet but I am loathe to go out and cycle strip miners anymore... I went from hating CODE, to understanding CODE, to appreciating CODE, now I think I want to become part of CODE.

So I have a question, because I frankly played this game as a risk averse weenie for so long:

I have a functionally useless Trade skilled Main, a few Miner Alts, and a Freighter Alt who also flies a Bowhead. I was considering what I can do to help while I train into a T2 Catalyst, I came up with this, and again, I can be entirely wrong but hey, we learn from learning what we learned wrong.

 I'm looking at taking advantage of the new player 1m SP deal to get a Catalyst Ganker up and running this weekend, but given this, is there some value to you guys to keep my Alts alive in this capacity?


A procurer fit with a Passive Targeter, Ship Scanner and Cargo Scanner as well as an Invuln field and Strip Miners, who can slip into a belt, scan a target with relatively little suspicion and report on the fitting/cargo.

A Bowhead sitting in a safe spot packed with Catalysts

I'm not too aware of Concord Mechanics, but with such a set up in a fleet, could you guys re-ship from the Bowhead bypassing the station re-docking and keep running at a target?

In the meanwhile, given that I actually do enjoy production, I'd like to shift my production over to making Gank fits to keep said Bowhead packed, and to do my part.


Or tell me to fuck off, either way, cheers to you guys!
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Re: Former Bot Aspirant seeks Redemption

Super Perforator
Sorry for the delay in responding. The forums here are not as active as the minerbumping channel in game....

Concord mechanics... all you need to know is on the website here.
Any ganker, even a t1 catalyst ganker is a welcome addition...……………….. get your gank alt to apply to one of the CODE. corporations.... maybe even New Order Logistics...

The Bowhead thing is no longer a thing. Citadels are the king of ganker-reshipping now.

Praise James!
Ask your local weapons trader for the Super Perforator.