Tears of the Fallen

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Tears of the Fallen

This is my rant to all the Carebears and Anti-Gankers out there.

It always surprises me how much you people whine, moan, and complain about being killed in a PVP game whether it be them getting jumped while not paying attention, them getting ganked, or even them losing in a straight up match.  Some situations that I've seen over the years include:

A miner gets ganked in high sec and whines.  

An explorer gets jumped while in the middle of a hack and whines.

A freighter gets bumped and destroyed at a gate and whines.

A ratter gets killed by another player while clearing an area and whines.

A newbie gets shot up in Jita and whines.

People get shaken down for ISK in Low and Null sec... and they whine.

And so on and so forth...

I guess what REALLY gets me is the fact that you people truly do not get is that you are in a full PVP game and that, per CCP's own admissions, they consent to PVP the moment they undock from anywhere even if it is a High Sec station.

"Oh, but CONCORD is supposed to protect us..."

No, they're not.  They're there to act as a deterrent and an enforcer, not as a World of Warcraft guard where they come out and actively attack you just because you're standing near them.   CCP has even said as much.  The element of danger is everywhere, even in high sec.  So let me make this as clear as I can make it:

When you undock, you are fair game.

"Oh but that's not fair..."

Who ever said this game was fair?  You want fair?  Go play a nice, safe, PVE Game and get off of EVE.

"We're just trying to protect new players..."

You wanna protect them?  Do a community outreach program that tells them that EVE is full PVP and that they're a legitimate target at all times.  Better yet, hang outside of the rookie starter areas and spam local to let them know that they can be killed by any player at any time.

Now repeat after me, Carebears: "EVE is a PVP game.  I am a target as soon as I undock whether I have guns mounted or not."

"We will bring you love... and by love I mean lasers."
-Maximillian Singularity the 6th, First of His Name, The True Emperor (The Meta Show - 06/30/15)
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Re: Tears of the Fallen